July 10, 2019

Castle Combe Circuit - we will definitely remember this track for all time to come...the place where I got my 1st win! 

Getting to know the track in testing on Thursday was unusual, but there definitely was lots to learn.  The distance on the track was 3km, fast paced, with some great chicanes. Throughout the 4 testing sessions we steadily progressed quicker and quicker as I gained confidence. Having 4x15 minute testing sessions was definitely better than the 2 half hour session format we usually see, as I got an opportunity to get out and debri...

May 17, 2019

Bishopscourt wasn’t always on my radar but we saw it as a good opportunity to gain more experience of the Leastone 1000 on a fast-flowing track. Not that I was expecting to mix it with the powerful BOSS cars but I was sure it was going to be fun! Saturday morning after a grand sleep at Casa del Leastone, we took advantage of the single half hour untimed practice session. After only ever driving the course once last year in the Vee, I needed to familiarise myself with the track again.

After a couple of laps learning, broken up by some red flag in...

November 12, 2018

Winning the Finol Star of Tomorrow was some achievement, and the feeling was amazing that the year of driving paid off. However, Brands Hatch...well that was absolutely amazing from start to finish.

I allowed myself a silly moment of excitement when team Leastone arrived in Brands Hatch on Thursday evening and we were directed to a designated garage for ME!!

Testing on Friday didn't really happen for me, heavy rain meant that the track was super hard to get to grips with. In addition, I had an engine issue which had me on the side lines for the m...

October 1, 2018

We kicked the weekend off with testing on Friday and it was amazing to say the least. I got my first laps in the Leastone 1000 and it was like a dream come true. It was quite a jump up from the Vee!  After turning those few laps, I cannot wait for Brands Hatch!

With the pressure off for the championship, I could relax a bit more and the usual social get together on Friday night was one to remember, setting up the race for Saturday.

Qualifying was crazy! I had a wild spin coming out of the chicane but I somehow managed to end up pointing in the ri...

September 20, 2018

Firstly, a massive thanks to everyone on the team for the past weekend.  To say I am relieved, elated and beyond excited after securing the Championship this weekend is mild! Even if the weekend didn’t go exactly to plan!

Testing on Friday was challenging, I had to bring myself back up to speed with the technical layout but racing on the international circuit again was going to be exciting. I know it is a huge effort to cover the many, many turns on Mondello’s longest variation so a big shout out to all the marshalls for making it possible!


August 29, 2018

Testing on Friday was challenging to say the least, with the amount of water that decided to fall from the sky! The track was flooded, pools of water everywhere....I was thinking that speedos might be more appropriate than my fireproofs! It was good to get some wet weather practice though and it added to the fun of driving, as the car was dancing all over the track. We managed to give it our best shot though and managed to learn a few things, despite the conditions. Getting back to brass tacks after the summer break was both enduring and satisf...

July 10, 2018

I had heard about the Formula Vee Festival being a unique weekend but I wasn't prepared for how great a weekend it was to be! It was great walking through a jammed paddock on Friday, as it had a great buzz running through it.

On Saturday, I had an ok qualifying which meant I would start 9th on the grid for the all-important B/C race. I got a great start and settled into a steady rhythm, conscious that I needed a good result following my difficulties the last time out. I maintained the class lead, and was involved in a great 4 way battle ins...

June 10, 2018

Anti-clockwise at Mondello, was certainly a challenge and a half...not just a challenge learning the circuit but a challenging weekend overall!

Testing Friday morning was so weird going ‘the wrong way’, but in fairness it was like a brand new track and enjoyable to try get to grips with. So Friday really was all about getting to know the track, the best braking points

and the best spots to gain position. And most importantly what to try and avoid!!

On Saturday morning, Vee’s were first to compete on the anti-clockwise track in years...

May 16, 2018

Bishopscourt was a new track to me and the boys had mentioned how fast it was, so to say I was worried was a bit of an understatement.

We arrived on Friday evening, after hot-tailing it from school and we got everything set up for what was promising to be a great weekend of racing ahead of us. The atmosphere in the paddock was electric!

Taking in the track on the walkabout, it looked fantastic, my nerves were then joined by anticipation!

With no testing per se, a short free practice session on Saturday morning was the first opportunity I had...

April 26, 2018

We travelled to Mondello for Round 2 of the Finol Star of Tomorrow Championship and I was looking forward to hitting what is kind of my home track at this stage!  

A great weekend racing (again), and why shouldn’t it have been anything other than great.  After a productive days testing, the honorable Sir Paul Heavey had my machine sweetly by the end of Friday and I was gunning for race day.

And what a day it turned out to be. The competition was fierce (which I am quickly realising the normal case to be in Formula Vee!) and racing was a...

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