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Formula Vee - Round 11 - with Max Hart

We kicked the weekend off with testing on Friday and it was amazing to say the least. I got my first laps in the Leastone 1000 and it was like a dream come true. It was quite a jump up from the Vee! After turning those few laps, I cannot wait for Brands Hatch!

With the pressure off for the championship, I could relax a bit more and the usual social get together on Friday night was one to remember, setting up the race for Saturday.

Qualifying was crazy! I had a wild spin coming out of the chicane but I somehow managed to end up pointing in the right direction. My confidence took a bit of knock but still I placed 11th on the grid and 2nd in my class.

I had a good start in race one, managing to jump a row and taking the class lead early on. I was catching some of the B class runners in front of me and on the last lap, I was close enough to make a move on one of them around the outside of Debtors, which lined me up for the inside of the first corner. It was an exciting move for me and I was happy with the progress I have made on the racecraft side of things during the year.

That move pulled me up another spot and it gave me an 8th place finish overall but not before a dash to the line with Shane McBride. We really were wheel to wheeI and it was an enjoyable dice!

Massive congratulations to Anthony Cross on winning the Selco Hygiene Supplies National Championship and also to Gavin Buckley on winning the Probe 2000 Championship.

Race 2 was a non-championship race for the Emerson Fittipaldi Trophy. I guess this meant the gloves were off! I didn’t think I could get a better launch than I had in race 1, but somehow I did! I jumped the row in front of me after starting 11th again but only managed to keep one of the places as I lost one at the first corner.

Throughout the race myself and Shane McBride were switching places the whole race, it was thrilling. It came down to the line for the second time today for us both but managed to keep my Leastone powered car ahead. This is my first top 5 finish. A 4th place in my first full year! I am already looking forward to next year already.

Thanks to my sponsors Selco Hygiene Supplies, to my team Leastone Racing and to Finol Oils for sponsoring the championship. Thanks also to the entire Formula Vee community, who made us feel very welcome and provided us not only with a great racing experience all year, but great craic as well!

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