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Leastone JH004 Formula Vee

2007, 2010 and 2015 Irish Formula Vee Champion


Formula Vee is the budget single seater class worldwide. From Ireland and the UK to the US and Australia, Formula Vee enjoys large grids and fierce wheel to wheel racing. Key to Formula Vee's low cost is the fact that it uses the complete front axle beam, complete rear transaxle, air cooled engine, standard gearbox and rear brakes – all from the VW Beetle. A Formula Vee is essentially a single seater Beetle racing car!


Introduced during the 2005 season, the Leastone JH004 introduced full inboard suspension to Irish Formula Vee while the chassis is comprised primarily of box section, increasing rigidity and safety. The car features a more modern streamlined look than its predecessor, the JH002.


Chassis kits starting from €2,500


Some of the JH004's key facts are listed below.


JH004 specs


Chassis: Carbon Steel Spaceframe

Engine: 1600 cc (1300 cc in UK spec) Air Cooled Volkswagen Beetle

BHP: approx. 75 (90 bhp in UK spec)

Drive: 4 speed Volkswagen Beetle transaxle gearbox

Tyres: 13" Toyo all weather (15" Hoosier in UK spec)

Front Track: 1390mm

Rear Track: 1400mm

Wheelbase: 2240mm

Front Suspension: Twin Push rod operated Gaz Dampers, inboard front anti roll bar Rear Suspension: Twin Push rod operated Gaz Dampers along with Rear Z-bar

Brakes: Disc bakes front, Beetle Drum brakes rear

Weight: 375 kg dry




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