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Formula Vee - Round 1 - with Max Hart

Max Hart exits the chicane

Kirkistown March 24th 2018

What an amazing start to my Formula Vee career.

Having dipped a toe into Formula Vee at the end of last season, the bug truly got me!

Under the watchful and extremely experienced eye of The legend ‘Sir Paul Heavey’, and with sponsorship of Selco Hygiene Supplies secured for the 2018 season, we headed to Kirky for the first round of the year.

At 16 I have ditched my school uniform for my racing suit and headed off for Kirkistown for the first race. Thankfully the journey is long enough to calm the nerves and turn them into adrenaline, and as we cross the border into Northern Ireland, the nerves come back again stronger, I just can’t wait to get onto the track and get going.

My Friday started off with us getting the final fine tuning on the Vee, a couple of laps of the track and all the winter preparation done by Paul and the Leastone Racing Team was set up and ready to go...all we needed was the weather... and that was out of our control!!!

After Paul sorted a “few niggles” we encountered during testing, all that was left to do was polish my wrapped Selco Hygiene Supplies sponsored Vee and get out and qualify for the Finol Star of Tomorrow Championship.

Saturday-race day Leastone JH004 was primed and ready to go....the bubbles from the Selco Hygiene Supplies were shining...I was ready. The weather held out, it was going to be a great day for racing.

Qualifying went really well, I managed to qualify third on the grid for my first race of the year. The race took off after the warm up lap, but unfortunately I had a poor start.. However, I got my head down and set about regaining track position. I managed to claw back my race position, passing out on the back straight after getting a great exit on the chicane, I outbraked my rival to regain my position into the hairpin. A lot dicing went on, great racing and coming around the final bend I had held out and finished first in the Finol Star of Tomorrow Championship.

Standing on the podium, collecting my Finol first place trophy, was just about the best feeling in the world! Thanks once again to Leastone Racing and my sponsors Selco Hygiene Supplies, who helped me to bring home maximum points in the Finol Star of Tomorrow Championship. I am learning more and more with each lap I do and I am looking forward to hitting the track again at Mondello on April 14th!

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