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Spire GTR



Paul Heavey purchased the Spire GTR in 2008, primarily as a track day car but also for use during sponsor events. He went so far as to race the car in the Phoenix Park races and All Comers events at Mondello Park, in which he recorded the cars first Irish win.


The chassis kit was supplied by Spire Sportscars, a UK manufacturer and is eligible for the 750 Motor Clubs Road Going Bike engined (RGB) class. That's correct, stick a set of lights, reg plate and insurance on this car and it can be driven on the road!


Full specification of the Spire GTR can be found below:


Spire GTR Specs


Chassis: Carbon Steel Spaceframe

Bodywork: Fibreglass

Engine: Kawasaki ZX-12R

BHP: 170 BHP

Drive: 6 speed sequential Kawasaki Gearbox, direct drive limited slip differential

0-100 km/h: 4.5 secs

Top Speed: 225 km/h

Tyres: 17" Slicks and Wets

Front Track: 1370mm

Rear Track: 1360mm

Wheelbase: 2480mm

Front Suspension: Gaz adjustable Coil overs

Rear Suspension: Gaz adjustable Coil overs

Front Brakes: 4 pot Wilwood calipers

Rear Brakes: 4 pot Wilwood calipers

Weight: 550 kg dry

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