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Anglesey Testing - with Mark Reade and Brendan O'Brien - 15th July

The Leastone team took advantage of the mid season break to travel to the Anglesey circuit in Wales last weekend to test two of their Leastone 1000’s. Team regulars Mark Reade and Brendan O’Brien (returning from injury) made their Leastone 1000 and Anglesey debuts, enjoying a productive days testing around the 2.5 km Coastal layout, which sees a good mix of tight corners and fast flowing sections.

It wouldn’t be Wales without rain, as was the case for the morning session. Both drivers had to gradually build up speed, being under strict orders to gain as much track time as possible. The sun came out just before lunch, meaning Brendan and Mark could finally begin to understand the cars potential. Traffic hampered any sort of rhythm but were able to get a handful of clear laps and experience the 160bhp slick shod machine at full tilt.

Despite not being able to set the timing screens alight, the cars ran faultlessly meaning both drivers logged some good track time and provided valuable feedback for their next outing.

Mark Reade:

'The day started off very wet so we went out on the back foot having never driven this car before. Needless to say the grip the car provided was amazing on such a wet track with a few moments to keep you on your toe's of course. It dried up after lunch so couldn't wait to see the difference with the slick tyres and see what the car could do. Of course it impressed myself and Brendan in truck loads, coming back in after each session on a high. The back ‘straight’ has 2 kinks, flat in 6th gear hitting the rev limiter before the first kink which then sees you flat until you are hard on the brakes before a 90 degree left hander. For me, that was the most impressive part of the track.

We encountered heavy traffic all day with at least 30 cars on track each run and we ran together for a few laps which definitely made the boss happy seeing his two cars screaming out on track. We were both raging the test day was over but it was a very productive day trying out different set ups each run and comparing feedback. The Leastone boss gained valuable information ahead of the teams outing in Silverstone later in the year when Brendan and Morgan McCourt race the Leastone 1000's. Thanks again to Paul Heavey for his endless hard work as always, I think Brendan would agree with my when I stay the cars are pure class to drive!'

Brendan O’Brien:

‘I must say that Friday's testing in the Leastone1000 last weekend at Anglsey has been the best experience in a race car I’ve ever had. Most of my experience has been in formula vee so the step up in power, grip and stopping power was amazing! The beginning of the day was wet and tricky but we still had a lot of fun and despite the conditions, we learned a tonne. By the last session of the morning, it had completely dried up and I was also getting more used to both car and track, so you could really see the potential these cars have with somebody who was used to such torque.

All in all it was a great test session; I gained confidence with each lap and enjoyed every minute of it. I am so looking forward to racing the 1000 at the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit in September, the car should be phenomenal around there. I also have to thank team boss Paul for providing the car and running me at the weekend!’

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