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BOSS Bishopscourt - with Max Hart

Bishopscourt wasn’t always on my radar but we saw it as a good opportunity to gain more experience of the Leastone 1000 on a fast-flowing track. Not that I was expecting to mix it with the powerful BOSS cars but I was sure it was going to be fun! Saturday morning after a grand sleep at Casa del Leastone, we took advantage of the single half hour untimed practice session. After only ever driving the course once last year in the Vee, I needed to familiarise myself with the track again.

After a couple of laps learning, broken up by some red flag incidents I felt the track was ready for me!!

Qualifying on Saturday afternoon was fun, tough and eye opening all at the same time. With some lines from testing that needed changing after viewing the on board, I managed to put my Selco Hygiene Supplies backed Leastone 1000 into P4 overall, a second-row position for both races on Sunday.

After catching a few well earned zzz’s and an early night on Saturday , I was pumped and ready for racing.

After watching a phenomenal Vee race by team boss Paul (the grandad) Heavey the pressure was on to put in as good a performance as him! After he finished in P1 on his first outing in Bishopscourt, I had to keep up the team levels.

So, from P4 off the line, I managed to nail the start and jump to P1 for the start of the lap! I soon found myself in P3 by the end of lap 1, being swamped by the impressive BOSS machinery and by the end of the race I finished in a strong P5, which was a good result following an incident with a big kerb and some gardening!

Race 2 on Sunday afternoon I was hoping to improve on the first race positioning. Again, a great start left the others behind me and I shot out into P1 from P4 for a short while. Another red flag incident meant a restart and again P4 to P1 off the line, the 1000 really has the starts down! Unfortunately, I had a huge spin at turn 1, which meant I had too much distance to catch up, not to mention the requirement for new underpants! Despite these issues, I was both lucky and happy to finish in a strong, if lonely, P4.

We are looking forward to Oulton Park next month where we will be back with the Monoposto circus and I am looking forward to building on our strong opening rounds at Donington last month.

Thanks once again to my sponsors Selco Hygiene Supplies, to Leastone Racing, and to BOSS Ireland for the great racing. Also thanks to Cregor Elliott for the interviews and fantastic pictures and also to Barry Rabbitt for the live stream footage, which can also be found on the BOSS Ireland Facebook page, the link is posted below.

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